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Jacque "foxy" Boone

These are just misc. poems I've written. 

He moves me in a way
I can't explain...
He believes in me, encourages me
and lifts me up.
He brings new joy to my life,
permanent smiles and endless laughter.
He stirs new deisre within me,
emotions unexplainable,
feelings indescribable.

You once asked me
what I wanted out of life....
I want to be your best friend,
your partner and companion,
your lover, your wife.
I want to come home each day
to your loving arms,
to fall asleep at night
surrounded by you,
to wake each morning
to your soft touch and sweet kisses.
I want to spend the rest of my life
by your side.
I want you.

I wait
in anticipation
so anxious
to touch you,
to kiss you,
to hold you.
Anticipating the journey ahead
all the trials, the battles,
the joys and the victories.
Waiting, so anxiously
for my life with you
to begin.

Your Love
Your love inspires me.
Your love comforts me.
Your love gives me strength.
Your love is what gives my heart a song
and puts a smile on my face.
Your love brings me peace
knowing no matter what the future may bring
you'll be with me.
Your love heals the wounds of my past
and makes me forget my pain.
Your love gives me new hope
and breaths in me, new life.
Your love is the reason I'm alive,
without your love my soul would die.
Your love completes me and makes me whole.

Spring season
bright sun, cool gentle breeze
new life blooms.

I miss the days of my childhood
when the all I had to worry about
was finding the head to my barbie doll
and the most important decisions
were whether to have Fruit Loops
or Captain Crunch for breakfast
and where to build my next fort.

I regret all the years
I've waisted
Missing out on God's blessings
All because I was indulging
my sinful nature.


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