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Jacque "Foxy" Boone
More Poetry

You came into my life
Suddenly everything changed.
Suddenly I wanted to be a better person,
to be the best I can be.
Suddenly, all the things I thought
made me happy meant nothing
compared to you.
Time meant nothing to me
Suddenly every minute was precious.
Suddenly the dark clouds parted
and the sun began to shine.
Suddenly I had a reason to smile
Suddenly my life had new meaning.
Suddenly I found my reason for living.
     By Me

What word can describe it
but perfect

The way we laugh together-
  blissfully happy
The way we move together-
  magically in perfect harmony
The way we love together-
  unconditionaly and passionate
          By me

I wait
in anticipation
So anxious
to touch you,
to kiss you,
to hold you.
Anticipating the journey ahead;
all the trials, the battles,
the joys and the victories.
Waiting, so anxiously
for my life with you
to begjn.
     By Me


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"The only wrong thing would be to deny what your heart truely feels"